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Music Camp on the Canal is back for its 5th year - June 3-5, 2016:

Click here for more info. Over 40 workshops, from 15 stellar artists/performers.


All Star Concert, Saturday June 4: 

Tickets are now on sale. Click here for more info / purchase on-line.


Having fun with live music - Cape Breton style

St. Peter's, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: It's in our blood to celebrate with live music of all kinds. Although there is a definite Celtic twist to some of what you'll experience here - we love to play Old Time, Appalachian, Bluegrass, Blues, Acadian and Cajun, Folk, Country and Klezmer. We delight in hosting musical guests from around the world and invite you to come and mix your stuff up with ours.


We love to jam - and welcome visiting players to sit in on our sessions. All styles of music are welcome - we have a democratic circle-jam approach where everybody gets to lead their own tune or song in turn, with back-up from everybody else. We want to learn from you and for you to learn from us.


On this web site we'll try to bring you information about upcoming traditional live music events in our neighbourhood. Everything from open jam sessions to concerts, music and dance workshops, ceilidhs, square dances...and any kind of excuse to play live traditional music together. All traditions are fair game.


If you have traditional music events you'd like to promote here - or news and pics of your recent events to share, please Contact Us.


Memories of Music Camp on the Canal 2015

Over 60 musicians of all ages participated in a wonderful weekend of workshops, jams and an All Star Concert during the June 5-7, 2015 weekend in St. Peter's. This was our 4th Annual Music Camp on the Canal, and from the feedback we've received since then, we know it continues to be an engaging experience for the campers, the faculty and the local community. To see how the weekend was organized, please visit our archives for the original pages promoting this event: Music Camp on the Canal 2015 and check out photos at