KitchenRackets Music Videos

We have made some videos from past KitchenRackets events and are pleased to share them with you here. These videos are all posted on KitchenRackets Youtube channel. You can go directly to our channel and subscribe:

Scott Macmillan & Colin Grant @ Music Camp 2016

Finale from Scott Macmillan and Colin Grant's set at the Music Camp All Star Concert in St. Peter's, June 4, 2016. The boys were back for our KitchenRackets Masters Concert on Friday, Feb.3, 2017. 

From Music Camp on the Canal All Star Concert, June 6, 2015

Please check out these videos featuring our faculty from Music Camp last June. The concert was held at St. Peter's Lions Hall for our campers and the general public. Special guests included residents of St. Peter's Villa. If you didn't make it to the event, you can see from these videos what you missed......