Onward & Upward - the latest album from one of Cape Breton's most popular singer/songwriters will be released in St. Peter's. You don't want to miss this. If you've heard Keith Mullins live before you know what we're talking about. He's no stranger to St. Peter's and a regular contributor to KitchenRackets events.


Joining Keith for this show is Colin Grant - well known to traditional music enthusiasts across the continent, and one of Cape Breton's must versatile fiddle players.


...plus.... a special treat: a handful of Richmond County's accomplished young musicians will join Keith and Colin on stage to perform, after spending the afternoon in workshops preparing. The workshop is a gift from Keith and Colin witih KitchenRackets, for our young musicians. The concert is a gift for the rest of us. Funds raised at the concert go to support KitchenRackets live music and workshop programs.


Sunday November 11 • 7 - 9 pm • Lions Hall • St. Peter's


Tickets $15 advance at Mac's Celtic Gift Shop,

or call Marty at (902) 631-8070

$18 at the door.



Keith Mullins & Colin Grant Workshop Outline:


Keith Mullins & Colin Grant will be conducting a workshop for 5-20 students at EREC, East Richmond Education Centre  (Elementary School)   St. Peter’s.

Sunday, November 11, 12 – 4pm


This workshop is designed for students with some musical training, who are interested in performing with Keith & Colin in Concert the same evening at the Lions Hall, 7 – 9pm


 Workshop Outline:


  • Whatever the students are good at, that’s what we work on
  • They can also sing on my tunes
  • We can play a few covers that interest them
  • If they dance, we work on that
  • Keith is interested in guiding students in the direction they’re already going


Schedule: Sunday November 11/2018

11am Keith and Colin Arrival/setup

11:45am students show up (anywhere from 5 - 20 students)

12pm workshop.   Creating a show based on the talents of the students and they can also sing with us on certain songs or certain students can perform their own songs as per their musical ability.

2:30 snack break

2:45- 4 workshop

4pm dinner   5pm sound-check/rehearse anything else that needs to be done

7 - 9 pm SHOWTIME

Interested in this workshop? If you are a young Richmond County musician, dancer or singer - or if you know one who's interested  – please send an email to info@kitchenrackets.org.