Kitchenrackets @ Celtic Colours 2014

KitchenRackets Jam Sessions

at Bras d'or Lakes Inn


During 4 nights when the Celtic Colours concerts are in close range to St. Peter's, we invite players and listeners to join us for an authentic acoustic jam session. Sessions begin with a short performance by a local player who will then kick off the jam. Free for participating players. Modest admission fee for listeners goes to support our youth music programs. Sorry, no minors due to liquor license regulations.


Sessions will begin about 10:15 nightly, or a bit later to enable people to get here after the local concert.


Claudine and Derek host on Monday
The Diasporado Band hosts Wednesday
Hank Middleton hosts on Tuesday
Fork & Spoon also on Wednesday
Leona Burkey wraps it up on Thursday night

Monday, Oct. 13 after the concert in d'Escousse

Hosted by Claudine Burke and Derek LeBlanc


Tuesday, Oct. 14 after the concert in Riverdale/Lower River Inhabitants

Hosted by Hank Middleton with Steve Keith & Friends


Wednesday, Oct. 15 after the concert right here in St. Peter's

Hosted by The Diasporado Band with Fork & Spoon


Thursday, Oct. 16 after the concert in L'Ardoise

Hosted by Leona Burkey et amis

Music Workshops During Celtic Colours

Once again we are hosting instrument and dance workshops for visitors, during the weekdays of Celtic Colours. All workshops will take place at the Bras d'Or Lakes Inn in St. Peter's - except the square dance held at the United Church Hall. 100% of fees paid for workshops go to the instructors. To book your workshop space please contact the instructor directly, see links at bottom of this page.

Dwayne Coté offers a few different fiddle workshops and one for celtic guitar chording
Paul Davis repeats his very popular whistle workshops, with loads of take home resources
JP Cormier's presents his classic Friday session: Guitar A to Z
Luthier Johannes Sturm explains the care and feeding of stringed instruments, and will assess and do minor tune-ups to yours
Roger Stone brings his intro workshop for Tenor Banjo, and a new one on Celtic Guitar Techniques this year
Join Roddie's Square Dance Society for a lesson and a rollicking set
Instructor/descrip Price Mon Oct 13 Tues Oct 14 Wed Oct 15 Thur Oct 16 Fri Oct 17
Dwayne Côté            
Fiddle from Scratch $35 10-11 am 10-11 am 10-11 am 10-11 am

9-10 am

Beginner+ Fiddle $35 11:30-12:30 pm 11:30-12:30 pm 11:30-12:30 pm 11:30-12:30 pm 10:30-11:30 am
Advanced Fiddle $35 1-2pm 1-2pm 1-2pm    
Celtic Guitar Chording $35 2:30-3:30 pm 2:30-3:30 pm      
Paul Davis            
Tin Whistle $25   2-3 pm 2-3 pm    
JP Cormier            
JP's Guitar A-Z $35         12-1:30 pm
Johannes Sturm            
Luthier workshop $20     2-4 pm 2-4 pm  
Roger Stone            
Celtic Guitar techniques $35         2-3 pm
Tenor Banjo intro $35         3:30 - 4:30 pm
Roddie's Square Dance session $10 1:30-4 pm        
Artisan Demonstrations: Encore Jewellery, Chandler's Art, White Turtle Pottery Free       10 am - 2 pm  

New to our Celtic Colours program: Artisan Show and Demonstrations

Discover some very unique craft from a few of the area's talented makers from 10 am - 2 pm on Thursday. Dawn Silver of Encore Jewellery will show you what beautiful things she makes from recycled instruments strings; Margaret MacLaren of Chandler's Art will dazzle you with her colourful flaming candle creations. Gina Cloud's White Turtle Pottery conveys soothing natural patterns, vividly colourful glazes with her range of practical houseware and decor pieces.

Advance Workshop Registrations

To keep class sizes optimal please make your workshop booking in advance. No booking is required for attending the Artisan Demonstrations.


To make bookings for these workshops, contact the instructor directly:

Dwayne Côté:

Paul Davis:

JP Cormier:

Johannes Sturm:

Roger Stone:

Roddie's Square Dance Society / Reg Landry: