Join us in St. Peter's to celebrate International Pirates Day with our second annual weekend festival. Featuring a visit from the Pirates of Halifax, there are events and activities for pirates of all ages. Please see the weekend schedule at for up-to-date information.




St. Peter's Pirate Days: Fri. Sept 16 - Sun. Sept 18, 2016

Pirate Days Highlights



Downtown Pirates: Storefront window displays (no pillaging or plundering please)

Live music, wings, and prize presentations for storefronts: at the MacBouch



Young Scallywags - youth activities

Pirate Patio Party

Pirate Ships Parade at dusk

Party Like a Pirate pub/dance

+ Prize presentations galore


....and more on Sunday inc. brunch and closing ceremonies.


Get into the Pirate way of life for the weekend. Prizes for house decor, costumes, and decorated Pirate ships during weekend events.


More info: