What’s BANDEMONIUM? We know you can play an instrument. Yes, you can sing. You’ve got the moves. But are you entertaining? Can you perform? Captivate and hold an audience? Command the stage? Look and sound professional?

For young musicians age 12 - 18 (exceptions may be granted)

If you play an instrument, sing, dance, and want to improve your stage presence and performance skills: BANDEMONIUM will be a great experience for you.

Come along. Join a band, choose a tune, practice and hone it to perfection.

Learn important stage and performance skills from our faculty, some of the most sought-after professional artists in the country.

Perform at our Saturday night All-Star Concert - starring your band AND our amazing faculty.



Where is it? It’s at EREC in St Peter’s on Saturday, 2nd June, 2018. Registration and welcome at 9am.

How much is it? Well, thanks to our many amazing sponsors, the registration fee for BANDEMONIUM is only $30! That includes the entire band camp, lunch, supper, plus a ticket to the concert.

Oh, and a special, limited-edition t-shirt!

How do I apply? Quickly! Today! There's an application form below that you can fill in to sign up – closing date for applications is Friday, 25th May 2018. We have only 30 places available for participants and they are filling up quickly, so don't dawdle - act now.

This is a great opportunity for local students to have direct coaching from some of Cape Breton’s finest musicians, teachers and performers, as well as to spend social time in a musical setting with other learners.


For further information please contact us by email at info@kitchenrackets.org.


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