KitchenRackets Welcomes Players (and Listeners) to our Acoustic Jams in St. Peter's during Celtic Colours



Join us for our 10th year of late-night jam sessions after the Celtic Colours concerts, at Bras d'Or Lakes Inn. Each night we kick off the session with a short performance by local musicians, who then will host the jam session.


Players of all skill levels are welcome - you can decide to sit back and just play along, or lead a tune in turn. Your choice. No pressure. A sound system with travelling mikes is provided for singers and for lead players to make things a bit better for listeners, but keep in mind this is a player-focussed event - a chance for visiting musicians to sit in with local Cape Breton players. While we have a leaning toward Celtic music, we look forward to sharing tunes with all roots genres - from blues to bluegrass, Appalachian to Old Time, Acadian to Cajun - and everything in between.

Jam Hosts and Schedule for 2016

Sessions begin with a short performance by the evening's host artist(s) around 10:30 pm and continue to 1 am. Admission is free for participating players, $5 for listeners, and just $3 for those bringing a ticket stub from that evening's Celtic Colours show. Admission restricted to people over the age of 19. Location: Bras d'or Lakes Inn, 10095 Grenville St., St. Peter's.


Sunday October 9 (after the Lower River Concert - 20 minutes away)

Hosts: Fork and Spoon (Barbara White and Charles MacDonald. This exciting duo is creating a very new sound around some traditional Cape Breton favourites, and have added some original tunes to their repertoire.


Monday October 10 (after the Port Hawkesbury SAERC concert - 30 minutes away)

Host: David Stone. St. Peter's native, singer/songwriter and noted local history guru - David will plug you into the local music scene and help you understand how it's unfolded.


Tuesday October 11 (after the d'Escousse concert - 20 minutes away)

Hosts: Hank Middleton and Friends. L'Ardoise native Hank returns home with his handpicked band and a collection of original and traditional tunes including Louisiana-inspired Cajun+Acadian, some swing, and more.

Wednesday October 12 (after the St. Peter's concert - 2 minutes away)

Hosts: The Fabulous Bard Boys. They may be from away, but they're certainly here now. Squeezy Bob Woodley, Tim LaBorie and Jeff Townsend entertain and amuse with original compositions, compelling lyrics and masterful instrumentation; and some new arrangements of trad. repertoire.

Thursday October 13 (after the L'Ardoise concert- 15 minutes away)

Host: Leona Burkey. Her voice floats like a butterfly. Her original compositions can sting like a bee - or melt your heart. A native of L'Ardoise who's been here and there, worked as a lobster fisher, done the thing out west - and has the song stories to recount it all will kick off our final jam in this Celtic Colours series.